1. General
 Q - How do I get access to AVEO® product samples?

We got you covered! Whether you’re an oil producer or distributor, you can contact us by email at team@aveo710.com or click the get “Get Samples” button in the header and fill out the simple request form. Our team will get back to you within 24 hours.

Q - How can I tell if my AVEO® cartridges and disposable vape pens are authentic?

By standard procedure, authentic batch codes are laser-etched on all products:

1.  Cartridge: Locate your product’s batch code at the base of the carts.

2. Urth Disposable: Locate your product’s batch code and our signature “A” logo on one side of the battery shell.

Q - Are AVEO® products compatible with e-juice?

No. Please do not use any AVEO® product for tobacco-derived products.

Q - Does AVEO® offer (automated) filling machines?

We partner with several high-quality companies that offer automated filling and capping solutions. These partnerships allow us to offer customized jigs and packaging that work seamlessly with their automation platforms.

Q - Can AVEO® help me to create my own customized packaging

Absolutely! We feature a talented in-house packaging division that can help you design customized packaging. We work with several excellent domestic and international packaging suppliers to ensure the most suitable customized packaging options for your brand.

Q - Does AVEO® provide technical support for their products?

Yes. We have technical experts standing by to support your vape hardware needs. We also provide a complete range of instruction manuals, guides, and SOPs to assist our customers in getting the most from our carts. These guides cover everything from unpacking, filling, and capping to automation and customization.

2. Orders
Q - How do I purchase AVEO® hardware?

Please contact us by email at team@aveo710.com. You can also find us on Instagram and Linkedin.

Q - Does AVEO® have warehouses in North America?

We have an established network of value-added distributors throughout North America, allowing us to keep significant amounts of inventory year-round and avoid overseas shipping-related delays.  

Q - How soon will I receive my order?  

Your satisfaction is our priority. Our network of local value-added distributors (VAD) offers a variety of domestic delivery services, so we’re there when you need it. Custom orders may ship directly from the factory and average turnaround times vary based on production and delivery selections.

Q - Can I choose different shipping methods?

Yes, we offer both commercial air and ocean as available shipping options. Whether you have a shipping preference or need guidance, our dedicated shipping specialists can assist you with identifying the most effective and cost-efficient shipping options.

Q - What is the turnaround time of customizing cartridges?

On average, a minimum of four weeks is required to fully assemble and process your custom order. Please remember to consider the additional time based on your preferred shipping method.

Q - Need your custom order sooner?

Select AVEO® distributors offer “state-of-the-art” local printing solutions that utilize “child-safe” materials and automated labeling machines. This offers fast customization solutions within days - instead of months.

3. Product Safety
Q - How long does an AVEO® cartridge last?

Product usability depends on several variables. Factors include the duration of inhalation and the type of oils that are used in the particular product.

Q - Where can I get spec sheets for AVEO® products?

You can find spec sheets for our cartridge and disposable products online. Alternatively, contact our team via team@aveo710.com,and we’d be happy to assist.

Q - Can I customize AVEO® products?

We offer a wide range of customization services with a team of highly-seasoned designers and product specialists. Our in-house design team offers classic options including painting, printing, etching, and premium customization options such as custom-made mouthpiece covers. While it is rare that customers need to change the intricately balanced specifications of our products, we can also configure our product specs to fit specific needs with one-of-a-kind oil blends. Moreover, we can offer local UV printing capabilities, automated labeling options for customization needs, and required warning labels. These in-house services help us eliminate long delivery schedules when dealing with other factories today.

Q - What are the differences between Industrial Series and the Luminous Series?

Our Industrial Series is an All-Purpose metal cartridge designed for reliability and safety. Our Luminous Series (Zirconia) is an Ultra-Premium ‘Metal-Free’ cartridge designed for ultimate purity and flavor. For more info, please click here.

Q - How do I fill & cap my AVEO® cartridges?

AVEO® cartridges and mouthpieces come packed with printed filling & capping instructions. You can also download those instructions here.

Q - How do I fill & cap my Urth disposables?

AVEO® Urth disposables come packed with printed filling & capping instructions. You can also download those instructions here.

Q - How do I store my AVEO® cartridges?

If you are not ready to fill and cap your AVEO® cartridge, please do not remove the plastic wraps included with each foam. Store the carts in a dry, clean environment with minimal exposure to sunlight or heat. For filled cartridges, please make sure they stand upright so that the top silicone seal does not come in contact with the oil. Store the cartridge at room temperature with minimal temperature fluctuation, humidity, or exposure to sunlight.

Q - How do I improve my filling & capping efficiency?

AVEO® products are delivered in foams that perfectly fit into our very own jigs. Those jigs, combined with our low-torque capping technology, enable capping of up to 50 cartridges or 15 Urth disposables at a time. You can use our jigs with a manual arbor press or with automated filling & capping machines of leading companies. Please contact our team via team@aveo710.com to find manuals on how to use our jigs.

Q - What compatible power supplies work with AVEO® cartridges?

AVEO® cartridges feature a standard 510-threaded connection for universal compatibility. They also include two airflow paths for draw-activated and button-activated power supplies.

Q - How does AVEO® manage safety in its devices and products?

We consider the safety of our devices and cartridges of the utmost importance and do everything in our power to ensure our products areas safe as possible for our customers. We use materials compliant with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) rules and regulations for the parts that come in contact with oil or the customer. We test all vetted components in our cartridges per FDA food-grade standards.  We guarantee safety and quality with a fully-trained team of industry experts that work onsite at our select partners in China year-round(AVID Shenzhen Technologies, an American-owned supply chain and manufacturing team in China.) These partners are former cannabis industry operators and understand our unique product needs.

Q - Are AVEO® cartridge atomizers pre-soaked?

No. Our ceramic coils contain a dry, unprimed atomizer that is only soaked once the reservoir is filled with oil.

Q - How does AVEO® prevent burnt taste when vaping?

AVEO® uses temperature control No-burn Technology - our proprietary technology for battery products that prevents the device from overheating when used for extended draws. This technology works by sending intermittent pulses of power to the core. We highly recommend using our cartridges with temperature control batteries for optimal flavor and user experience. AVEO® atomizers are a perfect balance of numerous variables - heat conductivity, chemical formula, and proportionate dimensions - that result in optimal flavor, smooth user experience, and sufficient cloud.

Q - How do I know if my AVEO® cartridge is empty?

You will know that your AVEO® cartridge is empty when vapor is no longer produced after a 3-second activation. Due to headspace, the cartridge may still produce vapor after the reservoir appears empty due to oil absorbed in the atomizer.

4. Troubleshooting for Consumers:
Q - What should I do to prevent my cartridges/disposables from clogging or leaking? How do I fix an issue?

In some rare instances, the heating core can become over saturated and cause airway blockage - also known as clogging. Sometimes, clogged oil on the airway surface can leak from the cartridge's bottom. Here are some helpful tips to clear the airway and get your vape running:

1. For button-activated batteries, simply preheat and allow the oil to warm up. Then gently draw on the cartridge until it becomes unclogged. Avoid applying too much draw, as this may potentially worsen the clogging.

2. We do not recommend using draw-activated batteries unless they have a built-in bypass that acts as a pre-heat function by allowing the battery to activate regardless of the clog.

3. You can insert a toothpick through the mouthpiece all the way down to the atomizer to clear out the oil in the center airway.

To prevent clogging or leakage:

1. Do not leave your vape pen in hot conditions. Ideally, only store the vape pen at room temperature and away from direct sunlight and high humidity. Heat will increase the pressure in the tank and compromise the negative pressure that is holding the oil up. In general, do not leave your vape pen in extreme temperatures, as hot or cold temperatures can affect the pressure in the tank.

2. Take shorter hits of less than 5 seconds per hit and avoid immediate back-to-back hits. Long consecutive hits will cause the vape pen to retain heat longer, which means the oil will stay thin for longer. When oil is in a thin state, it is highly prone to flooding the heating chamber and central air path. Similarly, using a lower voltage setting will also help minimize overheating and heat retention.

3. Store your vape pen upright. The silicone seal between the mouthpiece and tank makes the cartridge airtight, ultimately creating a vacuum effect that holds the oil up and away from leaking out. If you leave your vape pen on its side or even upside down, the seal will be exposed to oil, making it ineffective.

4. When using a cartridge with removable mouthpieces, do not open the cartridge while oil is still in the tank. Moreover, ensure that the oil in the heating chamber is fully vaporized before you remove the mouthpiece to open the cartridge. Opening the cartridge will disrupt the airtight seal and allow gravity to push any remaining oil through the bottom.

5. Some consumers try to increase the fluidity of the oil in the tank by using a lighter, blow dryer, oven, or hot water bath. This is not recommended, as applying external heat will affect the pressure in the tank and weaken the force that is holding the oil up from leaking out. If you are experiencing constant clogging, please contact team@aveo710.com. Our team is happy to assist with any questions or concerns.

Q - My cartridge/disposable doesn’twork. What can I do?

1. Make sure the power supply is charged and not defective.

2. When the anode of the cartridge and battery are pressing on each other too much, this can cause a short circuit - preventing the battery from activating properly. In such cases, slightly twist the cartridge counterclockwise to alleviate the pressing force. If the anode of the cartridge is not touching the anode of the battery, the battery will not activate the cartridge. To remedy, tightly twist the cartridge clockwise to ensure contact.

3. Separate the cartridge from the battery and gently clean the surface of the anodes with a cotton swab dipped in a small amount of rubbing alcohol.

4. Use the zoom function on a phone camera or magnifier to ensure no hairline gaps exist between the mouthpiece and tank. In some cases, you may not see the tiny gap, but you can feel it with your fingernails. If you discover a gap, press the mouthpiece further or use tape to seal it shut.

5. Troubleshooting for Processors
Q - What do I do to prevent my cartridges from clogging or leaking?

A lot of factors contribute to clogging and/or leaking cartridges. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. With that being said, here are some common factors you want to consider:

1. Cap the cartridge as soon as the oil reaches the aperture holes. Capping before is okay, but the ceramic core will require more time to saturate. The amount of capping time will vary depending on the viscosity of the oil. For thicker oils such as raw distillate filled at about 40-50℃, it will take a minimum of 4-7 minutes for the oil to fully saturate the ceramic core before capping. This means that the safe amount of capping time will be 4 minutes. If you cap after the ceramic is fully saturated, the pressure created during capping will force a small amount of oil (about a drop or two) out from the bottom anode. An airtight seal between the mouthpiece and tank is the main factor that holds the oil up and away from leakage.  

2. Ensure filled cartridges are stored upright at room temperature that does not fluctuate. When filled cartridges are exposed to humidity, sunlight, or increased heat, the pressure in the tank changes and creates a downward force that pushes the oil out of the cartridge. Moreover, when filled cartridges are stored upside down or on their side, the seal between the mouthpiece and tank gets constant exposure to oil. This will compromise the effectiveness of the seal.

3. For oil similar to the viscosity of raw distillate, the oil’s temperature flowing into the cartridge is recommended to be no higher than 80°C. For thinner oils that move at room temperature more freely than raw distillate, the recommended temperature is up to 60°C. Using filling temperatures higher than the recommended temperature will dramatically decrease the capping time, making it incredibly difficult to cap in time to avoid leaking and/or clogging. Furthermore, liquid oil is more likely to flood the heating chamber and lead to clogging and/or leaking.

4. Please note all the tips for consumers within AVEO® packaging and materials.

Q - Does AVEO® have a product guarantee?

Yes. AVEO® provides a standard one-year guarantee for all products sold upon verification. Contact our team to learn more.

Q - Does AVEO® have a return policy?

As long as we validate customers are properly following AVEO® filling & capping instructions, we may replace any manufacturer defects. The most critical points we validate are filling temperature, capping time, and storing conditions. Please contact our team via team@aveo710.com,and we will walk you through the return process.