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How can I request access to AVEO® product samples?

We've got you covered! Whether you're an oil producer or distributor, you can contact us via email at team@aveo710.com or click the "Get Samples" button in the header and fill out the simple request form. Our team will get back to you within 24 hours.

Does AVEO® offer filling machines or automated filling solutions?

We partner with several high-quality companies that offer automated filling and capping solutions. These partnerships allow us to offer customized jigs and packaging that work seamlessly with their automation platforms. We are open to various solutions to ensure our customers can transition with easeWe are open to various solutions to make sure our customers can transition with ease.

What measures does AVEO® take to ensure the authenticity of their cartridges and disposable vape pens?

As part of our standard procedure, we laser-etch authentic batch codes on all our products. For cartridges, you can find the batch code at the base of the carts. For Urth Disposable vape pens, the batch code and our signature 'A' logo can be located on one side of the battery shell.

Are AVEO® products designed to be compatible with e-juice?

No, AVEO® products are not designed for use with tobacco-derived products. Please do not use any AVEO® product with e-juice.

What are the differences between Industrial Series and the Luminous Series?

Our Industrial Series is an All-Purpose metal cartridge designed for reliability and safety. The Luminous Series (Zirconia) is an Ultra-Premium 'Metal-Free' cartridge designed for ultimate purity and flavor. For more information, please refer to our document titled 'A Comparison of Industrial and Luminous Series for Brands & Users.pdf'.

How do I fill & cap my AVEO® cartridges?

AVEO® cartridges and mouthpieces come with printed filling and capping instructions. You can also download the instructions from our website. Please refer to the Latest Filling & Capping Instruction.pdf for detailed guidance.

How long does an AVEO® cartridge last?

The longevity of an AVEO® cartridge depends on several variables, including the duration of inhalation and the type of oils used. In general, a 1ml cartridge filled with cannabis oil can generate approximately 300 puffs of 3 seconds each.

Will AVEO® cartridges fit 1 gram of oil?

No, AVEO® cartridges, like many other brands, are calibrated based on volume rather than weight. This calibration is done to accommodate varying oil viscosities and to ensure consumers are not misled by inaccurate measurements. AVEO® has optimized the headspace based on a 1ml fill, and there should be 1-2mm of headspace between the silicone seal and the top of the oil when filled properly. If you are filling by weight (grams), please ensure you convert the weight into volume (ml) and only fill the allowed capacity of 1ml or 0.5ml.

How do I purchase AVEO® hardware?

To purchase AVEO® hardware, please contact us by email at team@aveo710.com. You can also find us on Instagram and LinkedIn.

Does AVEO® have warehouses in North America?

Yes, we have an established network of value-added distributors throughout North America. This allows us to maintain significant inventory year-round and avoid shipping-related delays from overseas.

How soon will I receive my order?

The delivery time for your order depends on various factors. Our network of local value-added distributors offers different domestic delivery services to ensure timely delivery. Custom orders may ship directly from the factory, and the average turnaround time for custom orders is around 3 weeks for repeat customers and up to 5 weeks for new customers.

Can I choose different shipping methods?

Yes, we offer both commercial air and ocean shipping options based on availability. Our dedicated shipping specialists can assist you in selecting the most effective and cost-efficient shipping method based on your preferences or requirements.

Is it possible to expedite my custom order?

Our standard lead time for custom orders is typically 4 weeks after sample artwork/sample confirmation or reorder confirmation for traditional print. For KlearTek label solutions, the lead time can be as short as 2 weeks. Please contact your sales representative with your lead time requests, and we will try our best to expedite your order, especially for KlearTek customers, as it is a faster solution.

What is the shipping cost for orders?

The shipping cost is variable and subject to change. Please contact team@aveo710.com to get the most updated shipping cost for your order.

Can I track the shipment of my AVEO® products?

Yes, the AVEO® team will provide you with the tracking number for your shipment. Additionally, we track shipments on a daily basis to ensure timely arrival.

Are there any restrictions on shipping AVEO® cartridges to certain locations?

In most cases, there are no restrictions on shipping AVEO® cartridges. We stay updated with regulations in different countries to ensure smooth logistics.

Do you offer international shipping for AVEO® products?

Yes, we offer international shipping for AVEO® products. We have shipped products to countries such as the US, Canada, Australia, Denmark, and the UK. However, since regulations may vary in each country, please contact team@aveo710.com to get more detailed information about international shipping.

Can I request a rush delivery for my order?

We do not provide a rush delivery option. However, please contact your sales representative, and we will do our best to coordinate and expedite your order if it is urgent.

What should I do if there are any issues or delays with my shipment?

If you experience any issues or delays with your shipment, please reach out to our AVEO support team. We monitor shipments daily and work closely with forwarders to resolve any encountered issues.

What quality control measures does AVEO® have in place during the manufacturing process?

At AVEO®, we prioritize the safety of our devices and cartridges and take extensive measures to ensure product safety. We use materials that comply with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) rules and regulations for the parts that come into contact with oil or the customer. All vetted components in our cartridges undergo testing according to FDA food-grade standards. We maintain a fully-trained team of industry experts who work year-round at our select partners in China, including AVID Shenzhen Technologies, an American-owned supply chain and manufacturing team. These partners have a deep understanding of our unique product needs, stemming from their experience in the cannabis industry.

Are AVEO® cartridges tested for heavy metals and other harmful substances?

"Yes, we have a testing protocol in place for our cartridges:We test the heavy metals content of metal parts used in our cartridges.All parts that come into contact with oil and people undergo FDA food contact material testing.Additionally, our distributors may send our cartridges to labs for heavy metal testing."

Can you provide information on the materials used in AVEO® cartridges and their safety?

We can provide material information based on batch numbers. For safety purposes, we can provide Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), FDA food contact material test results, and other relevant certifications we have obtained for the raw materials used in our cartridges.

Can you provide information on the materials used in AVEO® cartridges and their safety?

We can provide material information based on batch numbers. For safety purposes, we can provide Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), FDA food contact material test results, and other relevant certifications we have obtained for the raw materials used in our cartridges.

Where can I get spec sheets for AVEO® products?

You can find spec sheets for our cartridge and disposable products on our website. Alternatively, you can contact our team at team@aveo710.com, and we will be happy to assist you.

How do I store my AVEO® cartridges?

"If you are not ready to fill and cap your AVEO® cartridge, it is important not to remove the plastic wraps included with each foam. Store the cartridges in a dry, clean environment with minimal exposure to sunlight or heat. If the empty cartridges are stored in colder temperatures, we recommend heating the cart before filling to ensure the filling process is not prolonged unnecessarily. For filled cartridges, it is advisable to store them upright to prevent the tip silicone seal from coming into contact with the oil. Store the cartridges at room temperature with minimal temperature fluctuations, humidity, or exposure to sunlight.

What compatible power supplies work with AVEO® cartridges?

AVEO® cartridges feature a standard 510-threaded connection, making them compatible with a wide range of power supplies. They include two airflow paths to accommodate both draw-activated and button-activated power supplies.

Are AVEO® cartridge atomizers pre-soaked?

No. Our ceramic coils contain a dry, unprimed atomizer that is only soaked once the reservoir is filled with oil.

What customization options are available for AVEO® cartridges?

We offer a wide range of customization services for AVEO® cartridges. Our in-house design team provides classic options such as painting, printing, etching, and premium customization options like custom-made mouthpiece covers. We can also configure our product specifications to fit specific needs, including unique oil blends. Additionally, we offer local UV printing capabilities, automated labeling options for customization needs, and required warning labels. These in-house services help us eliminate long delivery schedules when working with other factories.

Can I have my own branding and logo on AVEO® products?

Yes, you can have your own branding and logo on AVEO® products. We understand the importance of branding, and our experienced in-house design team is ready to assist you. Share your ideas with us, and we will work closely with you to finalize your design in less than 48 hours.

Are there any minimum order quantities for customizations?

Our general customization options typically have a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 5,000 pieces. However, exceptions can be made based on specific needs or inquiries. If you have smaller order quantity requirements, please contact us, and we will explore possibilities and find the optimal solution for you.

How do I submit my design or artwork for customized products? "There are several ways to submit your design or artwork for customized products

"There are several ways to submit your design or artwork for customized products : Contact your AVEO® Account Manager, who will provide guidance and ensure your design reaches the right hands. Send an email to team@aveo710.com, describing your design requirements and attaching your artwork. OR Use the customization form available on our website at the bottom of the page https://www.aveo710.com/kleartek In any of the above cases, our team will carefully review your submission and provide further assistance. Ideally, it would be great if you could provide your artwork in vector images, as they ensure the best quality and allow for seamless and quick customization.

My cartridge/disposable doesn’t work. What can I do?

If your cartridge or disposable is not working, here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot the issue:

Ensure that the power supply, such as the battery, is fully charged and not defective.
Check the connection between the cartridge and battery. Sometimes, if they are pressed together too tightly, it can cause a short circuit.
Try slightly twisting the cartridge counterclockwise to alleviate the pressing force. If the cartridge and battery anodes are not touching, twist the cartridge clockwise to ensure proper contact.
Clean the surface of the cartridge and battery anodes using a cotton swab dipped in a small amount of rubbing alcohol.
Use the zoom function on a phone camera or a magnifier to inspect for any hairline gaps between the mouthpiece and the tank. If you find a gap, press the mouthpiece further or use tape to seal it shut.

What should I do to prevent my cartridges/disposables from clogging or leaking? How do I fix an issue?

To prevent clogging or leaking of your cartridges or disposables:

Store your vape pen at room temperature in a dry environment away from direct sunlight and high humidity.
Avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures.
Take shorter hits of less than 5 seconds and avoid immediate back-to-back hits. Long consecutive hits can cause the vape pen to retain heat, leading to thinning of the oil and potential flooding of the heating chamber and air path.
Using lower voltage settings can also help minimize overheating.
Store your vape pen upright to maintain the airtight seal between the mouthpiece and tank. This seal creates a vacuum effect that prevents leakage.
F) Avoid leaving the pen on its side or upside down.
If your cartridge has a removable mouthpiece, do not open it while there is still oil in the tank. Make sure the oil in the heating chamber is fully vaporized before opening the cartridge to avoid disrupting the seal.
Do not apply external heat sources such as lighters, blow dryers, ovens, or hot water baths to increase the fluidity of the oil. This can affect the pressure in the tank and compromise the integrity of the seal.

If you experience persistent clogging issues, please contact team@aveo710.com for assistance. Our team is ready to help address any concerns or questions you may have."

Does AVEO® have a product guarantee?

Yes, AVEO® provides a standard one-year guarantee for all products sold upon verification. If you encounter any issues with your AVEO® products within the warranty period, please contact our team for assistance.

Does AVEO® have a return policy?

AVEO® may replace products with manufacturer defects as long as customers have followed the AVEO® filling and capping instructions correctly. The critical points we validate include filling temperature, capping time, and storing conditions. If you believe your product has a defect and falls within the return policy, please contact our team via team@aveo710.com, and we will guide you through the return process.

Does AVEO® comply with all relevant industry regulations and standards?

Yes, AVEO® products comply with all relevant industry regulations and standards. We prioritize safety and quality in our manufacturing process, ensuring that our products meet the necessary requirements and guidelines. Our cartridges and hardware components are tested and certified for compliance with applicable regulations.

Are AVEO® products certified and tested for compliance?

AVEO® products undergo rigorous testing and evaluation to ensure they meet industry standards for safety, quality, and performance. We work with trusted third-party laboratories to conduct testing for various aspects, including materials used, safety, and product performance.

Can you provide documentation or certificates confirming compliance?

Documentation and certificates confirming compliance are available upon request. If you require specific documentation or certificates for regulatory or compliance purposes, please contact our team at team@aveo710.com. We will be happy to provide the necessary information to support your compliance needs.