All-in-One Disposable Illusion

Let’s discuss how rebranding, or simply using different terms, can influence consumer perception and shift the narrative around products or items that might otherwise carry negative associations.

Businesses have been using this tactic since the beginning of modern history, and as the cannabis industry grows, we encounter this more and more. We’ve touched on this topic in our article about greenwashing, but let’s delve deeper.

You may have noticed the recent surge in use of the term 'all-in-one.' Suddenly, every brand boasts a line of AIO (all-in-one) vapes that come pre-built with everything needed for immediate vaping. It seems fantastic: easy to use, convenient, time-saving, and once done, it's easy to toss. Some brands launched strategic campaigns highlighting the superiority of all-in-one devices over pod vapes.

But what exactly is 'all-in-one'? Essentially, it's a disposable vape. There’s nothing new here -just a marketing ploy to rebrand and gain better exposure. Lately, the word 'disposable' has acquired a negative connotation, with activists and entire governments rallying against disposable e-cigs, urging action from all contributors in the sustainability movement. Selling something that pollutes the Earth feels as out of place as a meat stand at a vegan market. Nonetheless, the show must go on, and brands have products to sell.

Instead of exploring ways to make disposables genuinely disposable, the market chose the shortcut seen in numerous industries before: as examples, selling '100% natural spring water' in harmful plastic bottles; decades of climate change denial by major oil companies; or substituting ‘agave nectar’, ‘fructose’, ‘lactose’, and ‘cane crystals’ for ‘sugar’. The story repeats itself: big companies invest billions in changing the narrative through marketing, rather than addressing the underlying problem. Unfortunately, the environment and customers often become collateral damage.

The legal cannabis industry is relatively new, with many regulations still in a gray area. Big players, unfamiliar with the industry's intricacies, throw money at it, easily misleading stakeholders and customers by promoting convenience under the guise of 'all-in-one,' instead of addressing the harm caused by disposables. Rather than tackling the issue of proper disposable disposal, it’s simpler to cover it up and pass on these daunting problems to future generations. But with over 350 million metric tons of plastic waste annually, will there even be a future?

We've waged this battle for a while, and at our company, sustainability isn't just a buzzword; it's our guiding principle and driving force. After years of intensive development, we've created a genuine all-in-one disposable product- really- that’s shifting the narrative and causing concern among major players. Activism is challenging, but it’s worthwhile when the cause is worth fighting for. Join us in making a positive impact on our planet and let's change the future, not just the narrative.

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February 12, 2024

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