Aveo's Sustainability Report to Mother Nature.

If Mother Nature joined our company’s weekly meeting, what would we say to her? This is a question that’s central to our mission, and we break it down by category in demonstrating our commitment to a healthy planet.

Sustainable Research - In collaboration with several esteemed research universities, we’ve been delving into hemp genetics to unlock the full potential of Mother Nature’s versatile plant for our groundbreaking 'hemp-reinforced plastics' initiative.

Top-to-Bottom Commitment: We're forging partnerships with hemp farmers to optimize and repurpose hemp stalks, ensuring every part of the plant serves a purpose and minimizing waste.

Products: This year, we proudly unveiled Urth2 - a vape device crafted from hemp plastic, boasting a markedly smaller lithium battery that's easily recyclable. We're dedicated to making sustainability accessible, which we know our guest will appreciate.

Packaging: Our team has engineered an affordable packaging solution using our hemp-reinforced plastics, fortified with biodegradable enzymes for 100% decomposition in natural landfills. No more hidden plastics for the sake of cost-saving!

Safety: We've pioneered a patent-pending child safety feature, guaranteeing our All-in-One devices remain out of the hands of curious youngsters, averting any unintended activation of THC-enhanced products, which any mother would be pleased to hear.

Education: Our commitment extends beyond our headquarters - we're educating our supply chain, from production down to budtenders, on how to repurpose disposable devices effectively, reducing waste and maximizing potential.

Tailored Excellence: Our KlearTek full-wrapping technology is a game-changer, utilizing UV printing instead of traditional methods. It's fully recyclable, steering clear of any harmful oils, setting a new standard for customization.

Integrity and Transparency: We hold intellectual property rights in high regard. Rather than appropriating others' work, we actively engage in licensing deals, fostering consistency and reliability across our supply chain.

Global Impact: By producing our hemp-reinforced plastic products in Thailand and South Korea, two nations known for excessive single-use plastic consumption, we're taking a stand against this detrimental trend.

Adding a Dash of Fun: Sustainability doesn't have to be serious! Our team always supports creative events and activities, where we discuss our hemp initiatives and businesses, all while donning our hemp-made sunglasses or/and sipping through our own hemp plastic eco-friendly straws. We even bring our commitment to the sports world, as our hemp plastic golf tees are making an impact on cleaning up a growing list of courses.

Sustainability is at the heart of our business, but as Tim Cook said, there's always more to be done. When Mother Nature sits in on another meeting in 2024, we can’t wait to surprise her with something even more remarkable. Did someone say URTH3?

2030 Status | Mother Nature | Apple

September 26, 2023

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