The Role of Research and Development in Vape Manufacturing

The world of vape manufacturing is one of constant innovation and transformation, where the convergence of technology, chemistry, and design has given rise to an industry that has reshaped the way people incorporate cannabis vape products into their routines.. At the heart of this industry's progress lies the essential driving force - Research and development, commonly known as R&D.

The importance of R&D in the vape manufacturing industry cannot be overstated. It is the lifeblood of progress, the engine that drives the evolution of vape devices from the rudimentary early models to the sleek and sophisticated devices available today. R&D not only fuels the industry's growth but also plays a pivotal role in addressing critical issues such as safety, regulation compliance, and consumer satisfaction.

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Evolution of Vaping Devices

The evolution from vape e-cigarettes to cannabis cartridges represents a remarkable journey in the realm of inhalable substances. Initially, e-cigarettes were designed to vaporize nicotine-containing liquids, utilizing a battery-powered heating element to convert the liquid into an inhalable aerosol. These devices were engineered with a focus on delivering controlled doses of nicotine, often incorporating features like adjustable wattage and temperature control to optimize the vaping experience. The cartridges for e-cigarettes were typically composed of a blend of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, nicotine, and various flavorings, necessitating engineering that balanced the vapor production, throat hit, and flavor delivery. This iteration emphasized the precise calibration of temperature and airflow to cater to the preferences of nicotine users.

In contrast, the advent of cannabis cartridges ushered in a new era of engineering tailored specifically to the complexities of cannabinoids. These cartridges are intricately designed to accommodate cannabis concentrates, which can range from viscous oils to crystalline isolates. The engineering challenges here revolved around achieving the ideal temperature range to vaporize these diverse forms of cannabinoids while preserving their potency and flavor profile. Moreover, cannabis cartridges incorporate specialized wicking materials and atomizers to facilitate the efficient vaporization of the concentrates, often necessitating advances in material science to ensure compatibility with various viscosities. This shift highlights the adaptability of vaping technology, showcasing how engineering ingenuity has been instrumental in meeting the distinct demands of cannabis consumption.

research and development

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Now, companies worldwide are on an exploratory journey, delving into various designs, materials, and technologies to propel the evolution of vaping technology.There have been various major innovations to bring the vaping industry to where it is right now. This includes the introduction of sub-ohm tanks that enhance vapor production, customization, the development of temperature control technology, and the emphasis on creating sustainable products. These innovations empower vapers to tailor and personalize their devices. This progress owes much to the substantial investment in research and development within the vaping industry.

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This evolution underscores the critical role of R&D in the industry and demonstrates the commitment of manufacturers and researchers to refine and innovate continuously, aiming for safer, more satisfying, and more advanced vaping products. 

Aveo’s Latest Innovations and the Role of R&D

Right now, the primary concern, besides safety and compliance, focuses on environmental issues, with the consciousness that our planet desperately needs saving. In this section, we dive into how Aveo has implemented its own robust R&D processes to achieve these goals. 

Press Release™

In the vaping industry, we at Aveo stand at the forefront of technological innovation, setting new standards in convenience and efficiency. While Easy-press technology has become ubiquitous, combining a glass tank with a low torque capping solution, Aveo has propelled this concept into the next generation with the introduction of our proprietary Press Release™ technology. This cutting-edge advancement features a wider filling channel and an unlocking function, revolutionizing the refilling process.

With Press Release™, we empower consumers with unprecedented ease and simplicity in replenishing their cartridges. Simultaneously, our unwavering commitment to quality assurance is demonstrated through a dedicated QC team, ensuring consistent excellence in every unit. This technological leap not only streamlines manufacturing through heightened automation but also facilitates seamless access for labs during testing procedures. Upholding our dedication to safety, Press Release™ mouthpieces boast child-resistant features, distinguishing Aveo as a trailblazer in the industry. Moreover, select products are exclusively compatible with this pioneering option, further exemplifying our commitment to advancing vaping technology.

Hemp Plastic

At Aveo, we have made a commitment to contribute to ending the degradation of our environment. Therefore, we came up with a Hemp-Plastic blend that uses the hemp plant as a biodegradable material to help break down plastic more quickly, even as we are able to reduce plastic use. By incorporating hemp, a biodegradable resource, we accelerate the decomposition of plastic, significantly reducing our reliance on these environmentally harmful options. Traditional plastics and PLA both suffer from inherent ecological drawbacks, underscoring the urgency for a paradigm shift towards sustainable alternatives. Using this method ensures that our plastic blends degrade within 1,100 days, which is way less than the several years it takes for traditional plastics to degrade. We're diligently working towards eco-friendly solutions for a range of products, from packaging materials to straws and pallets, championing a more environmentally conscious approach across industries. This is a testament to our unwavering commitment to a greener, more sustainable future for all.


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Pulse Battery

We have designed our batteries to incorporate a unique temperature control algorithm that helps prevent overheating and the burning of sensitive oils. How does this happen? To control the temperature, power is sent to the heating coil in intermittent pulses. This is a great alternative to sending a direct pulse, which turns out to compromise the vaping experience. Our method helps ensure that vapers will have a smooth experience from the beginning until the end. 


URTH2 is designed to be a powerful all-in-one vaping device that incorporates the best technological advancements in the industry. This includes our plant-based plastics, the flavor-preserving heating core, and more. URTH has been hugely successful so far among our customers, so much so that we decided to make a second version, URTH2, with even more capacity and even more efficiency. URTH2 uses an advanced ceramic formula that prevents overheating and ensures that your oils last longer. It also has a universal design that simplifies the filling process, which can be up to 1 ml or even as small as .3 ml.

Additionally, our PRL mouthpiece design technology features a tip that is much easier to cap and can be effortlessly unlocked. It also boasts external air channels on each side of the tip that allow extra air to cool the vapor when inhaling, enhancing the overall vaping experience.

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We prioritize flexibility, and with the understanding that people have different vaping preferences, URTH2 comes in two versions: “Flavor Chaser” and “Cloud Chaser”. Each has a different extraction process and performance requirements, depending on the needs of the user. Amidst all these, the primary enhancement of URTH2 is that its design places a huge focus on the environment. In URTH2, we have reduced the size of the battery cell, minimized the usage of lithium and printed circuit board (PCB). All these are in a bid to ensure that our products are biodegradable and do not worsen the degradation of our environment. 


The journey of R&D in vape device manufacturing is not just about introducing better or more powerful devices. It also extends to understanding shifting consumer preferences as well as addressing regulatory changes and ensuring safety, especially as far as the environment is concerned. Partnering with a manufacturer like Aveo, which prioritizes the environment in the development of its vaping products, is sure to enhance your business as a supplier and win you more customers.

October 10, 2023

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